About AFAD

Our Vision is to create a prosperous society in Afghanistan.

Our Mission is to work for women, youth and children’s development in Afghanistan.

Afghans for Afghanistan’s Development (AFAD) Organization is a non-profit and non-government organization based in Kabul Afghanistan. AFAD works on youth development and women empowerment in Afghanistan.

Decades of unrest in Afghanistan has created widespread development challenges in this country.  While all Afghans are affected, youth and the women face additional challenges in overcoming social inequality, human rights violations, radicalization, and exposure to violence throughout the country.  AFAD exists to be the enabling force in building a new Afghanistan that provides fair and equal opportunities to youth and the women of this country.  We work with partners to facilitate women and youth empowerment by improving their access to education, healthcare, work opportunities and a fair government.

In the past, we have worked with women and youth groups to build their capacity in utilizing information technology and in helping them start and own their own businesses.  This provides them with unique opportunities to be independent and productive in the Afghan society.  We have also facilitated international exchange providing an opportunity for the youth and women to learn from other’s experiences.  We sent two batches of the Afghans working in the legislative branches of the country to visit the United States in 2014 and meet with the legislatures there, learn from them and utilize that experiences in their own domains.

AFAD will continue to partner with national and international donor agencies, philanthropies, and other interested parties such as private individuals to work for women and youth empowerment in Afghanistan.  As a local organization, our aim is to utilize international best practices with indigenous local knowledge and support to work for a better, peaceful and developed Afghanistan.  Please join us in this effort.