Our Founder

Mr. Moheb A. Jabarkhail founded Afghans for Afghanistan Development (AFAD) Organization in 2009.  The aim was to establish a local Afghan-owned-and-led-organization to work for the development of youth and women in Afghanistan. 

Born in Afghanistan and raised as a refugee in other countries, Mr. Jabarkhail has seen the plight of the Afghan people first hand.  He understands that without peace, opportunities and a vision for the future, the youth and women of Afghanistan are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.  They need to be empowered with education, healthcare, and opportunities to be productive and effective in bringing about and maintaining a new, peaceful and developed Afghanistan. 

Mr. Jabarkhail is an experienced development professional with more than 10 years of work experiences with government and non-government agencies in and outside Afghanistan.  Mr. Jabarkhail has gain experiences in working with the United Nations Making Aid and Budget Work (MBAW) project in Afghanistan, with the USAID funded Afghanistan Small and Medium Enterprise Development project and with the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan on managing the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and the World Bank-financed development portfolio in the past.  He has also worked as an advisor on donor and policy issues to the Minister of Agriculture in Afghanistan. 

Mr. Moheb Jabarkhail is also the US Fulbright and the German DAAD program alumnus.  He has participated in numerous international conferences and can converse fluently in Pashto, Dari, English, and Urdu languages.